In Memoriam,

in-memoriam-2020On March 26, 2020, at 8:00 pm, my father-in-law and dear friend, Rocco Ursino, passed from this life as a victim of the Coronavirus pandemic. Rocco lived in a retirement community that had been on preventative lockdown for over four weeks, so none of us have seen him for over a month. Just two weeks ago, he was fine. This horrible virus took him from us in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Rocco was one of my best friends. He had just turned 90, and although he had been for many years an amputee, having lost his lower right leg to a vascular problem, it never stopped him from golfing with me every week.

Rocco had a real chance this year to finally “shoot his age”, where he could have scored a 90 or less while golfing, but he never got that chance. Rocco was a former Marine, and he was as strong as an ox! No one in the family, a month ago, had any doubt that he would reach 100 years old. I really thought… if any 90-year-old can beat this virus, Rocco can… but he didn’t.

I implore all of you to take this Coronavirus threat seriously! It kills! It kills people we love. It has killed one of my dearest friends. For the next several weeks, please:

• Keep your trips outside your home to a minimum.
• Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
• Keep a distance of six feet between yourself and others.
• Pray that Almighty God delivers us from this plague, quickly.

Rock… your sharp mind… your vibrant health… your effervescent personality… your love for your family and friends will never be forgotten. I thank God that I knew you… that you and I were friends… dear friends, and I am grateful that you were my father-inlaw.

May God grant you peace and happiness in eternity, and may you rest forever in the comfort of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love you! We all love you, and we miss you already, and will, until we see you again.

Your Grateful Son-in-Law,
March 30, 2020